Jack will be 5 in less than 3 weeks. FIVE YEARS OLD.

Birthday party arrangements are in motion.  Jack requested toys for his birthday.  He also specified that he wants a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.  Oh, and at daycare when they celebrate he wants vanilla ice cream bars covered in chocolate.  That should be easy!

My sister and niece are flying out from Maryland to attend the party and visit family.  We’re hoping to get portraits of the two kids together – if I can find a portrait studio that doesn’t cost a zillion dollars.  We shall see if such a thing exists in San Francisco.

Besides being nervous about the fact that I haven’t gotten Jack a birthday present yet (or even figured out WHAT to get him, although at the moment I am leaning toward taking him to an amusement park rather than getting him a gift), I am all kinds of mind-fucked over the fact that I have a Kindergartner (well, almost).  I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it.  I feel like the first four years of his life were just too busy to allow time for worrying about the future.  I had goals with things like weaning and solid foods and potty training that kept me busy.  But now?  The future is gaping and I have too much time to devote to thoughts about it.  I spent a good portion of yesterday worrying about what would happen at school if Jack got hungry between breakfast and lunch.  Prior to that I was nervous that he wouldn’t be able to find the bathroom or that he would wander outside the school fence…  Don’t fear, I’m only a helicopter mom in my mind.

Rather than focus on my anxieties about the impending school year (I swear, it’s like *I* am the one starting and not Jack!), I’m focusing on getting him prepped.  I have school clothes and shoes on the way in the mail, and I purchased a bento box type thingy recently.

His dad and I are still working out what the shared custody schedule will look like but I think it’s mostly figured out – school weeks in SF with me and David and three weekends out of every month down in Half Moon Bay with his dad and step-mom.  It is going to be an adjustment to have Jack home for 5-7 days in a row after we’ve been splitting the weeks for these past couple of years!

Time to pick the dude up from daycare.  If any of you have ideas for awesome birthday presents for 5 year olds who are obsessed with aliens, monsters, and super heroes, I’m all ears.

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  1. We took Sam to Legoland and it was awesome! We gave him some small presents but also bought him Legos at the park.

  2. We took Sam to Legoland and it was awesome! We gave him some small presents but also bought him Legos at the park.

  3. I swear I am having anxiety dreams about kindergarten as if it were me starting school.
    I waffle between excitement for her and pure panic about her actually being old enough for such things…

    Her school asked that we take her up there over the summer to get used to their playground…I am hoping when we start these trips it will help me adjust better too!

    1. Heh, let me use the name I usually use when commenting here….B@MyOtherBlog. Doh, iPad and Disqus collaborated to make me leave that comment as “bstab” but it was me. Stupid technology and lack of sleep. 🙂

  4. I feel your pain – in 2 months I will have a first grader, a kindergartener and a preschooler. How the hell did that happen?  We got the 5 year old a bike for his birthday, but his favorite was the Imaginext Toys he got from my mom – he got the space shuttle and accessories. It even comes with little aliens! I think they have an Imaginext Bat Cave too. Last year he got a trip to the Lego store and got to pick his own present – he still talks about that too. 

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