Day Three

Jack did great the first two days of kindergarten.  He mentioned feeling nervous both days but was excited, as well.  On day one he said he couldn’t wait to go back, and on day two he came home with a ‘happy note’ for being helpful during the day – he was pleased about that and liked that it had an alien in a spaceship on it.  He was in such a good mood (and likely also tired) last night that he took a bath without arguing and fell asleep within about 10 minutes of David saying goodnight.

Today is day three and it hasn’t started off so smoothly.  This could be my fault – I changed the morning routine up a bit.  We are in the middle of switching to satellite TV so he couldn’t watch his Ben 10 show while eating breakfast.  Jack usually gets dressed during the commercials, but since we were using netflix streaming, there weren’t any.  I had him get dressed before David put Spiderman on for him, and Jack made note of that change.

I also gave him something other than his normal yogurt & breakfast bar to eat – instead he got a bagel with cream cheese and an orange.  He freaked out halfway through eating the orange because he had torn one of the wedges in half by accident…a meltdown was narrowly avoided by me removing the “damaged” orange wedge and telling him not to worry about that piece and just eat the good pieces.  Whew.

He was pretty much fine walking to school.  He said he was a bit nervous when we saw the playground.  Then he couldn’t find the friend he made yesterday with whom he had allied after she complained of being bullied by the boys.  He was antsy standing in line with his class, and clingy when it was time to head into his classroom.  He broke down in tears as we got to the door and cried, “I don’t think I can do it!  I don’t think I like school!”  I tried to reassure him that it would get better, that soon he wouldn’t feel nervous when going to school anymore.  He didn’t seem convinced but after going through the kissing hand routine, he trudged into class.

My heart hurt for the little guy as I walked home and then headed to work.  I am trying not to dwell because I do believe that he will like it soon and that this is just the transition nerves…but of course I will worry about him today and will continue to worry until he does LIKE school (I mean, I could be wrong – maybe he won’t like it, as apparently his dad didn’t).  After all, he has a long road ahead of him and it’s going to be painful for both of us if he doesn’t like it.

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  1. Hang in there. The first few weeks are going to be exhausting and of course we know how well five year olds handle exhaustion. I love the kissing hand by the way…So going to use that.

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