Back to School Night

I can hardly believe it but tomorrow completes Jack’s third week of kindergarten.  I’m still having a bit of trouble believing I have a kid in school…

Tonight was Back to School Night.  We visited Jack’s school, checked out his classroom and found out how the teacher was arranging the curriculum for the kids.  We got feedback that Jack is a unique thinker, smart, and quite the artist – all things we know, of course, but it’s good that he’s finally showing his teacher what he can do!  We got to meet the parents of Jack’s buddy Jason (who introduced himself by roaring like a dinosaur – 100% Jack’s style!) and we’re working on setting up a playdate for the kids.

The school transition has had its ups and downs.  In general this week has been better as far as getting to school and there have been a LOT less tears.  A couple of times we pretty much ran there because Jack was dragging his feet for one reason or another but we were not officially late.  Thank goodness!

It’s just been…I dunno – a transition.  I made a comment the other day that this reminds me of the newborn stage – every moment is focused on Jack and he is making noise CONSTANTLY unless he is sleeping or eating.  I guess he’s still figuring out how to settle down and get into the new routine.  We all are, really.  Coupled with a cold smacking me across the face this week and our dog getting ill and it made things even more challenging.

Homework is something we’re all still getting used to.  Four days a week Jack’s school folder has homework in it – a two sided piece of paper with a paragraph to read, some sentences to write, things to circle, letters to practice, and pictures to match with the letter.  What gets me is that Jack does this stuff on his magnedoodle all the time but as soon as it’s labeled homework he balks!  “I don’t like homework” or “it’s too hard!” or “this is boring!”  I am hearing about how much he hates school more than how much he likes it…although now that P.E. has been introduced, he is pretty damned happy about going to school on Thursdays!  (Sidenote: the schools in SFUSD have to get grants to have physical education and nutrition programs!  Grants!!  And with the grant they get PE once a week…just, wow…)

It was surreal to be in the classroom tonight and talking to the teacher as an adult/parent rather than a kid/student.  My son’s artwork was hanging around the classroom and I sat down at a desk with his name on it.  My own school years just don’t seem that far behind me…

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