Senor Quesadilla

I am a mom of a Kindergartner…I think I am finally somewhat comfortable with that fact.  It’s not quite so scary to think about anymore, although it sure does make me feel old.

I went to pick Jack up from school on Tuesday and found out from a fellow student’s mom that my son has acquired a nickname.  This is apparently a “not nice” nickname and one that Jack doesn’t like – “Quesadilla.”  He hadn’t mentioned it to me, but his classmate/friend told his mom because it was upsetting him.

I asked Jack about it and he seemed annoyed that I had found out and pouted on the way home.  We talked about what to do when kids called him names.  I didn’t have much to offer, but suggested that he make a joke of it and asked to be called Chocolate or something else that he likes.  Or to respond with, “If I’m a quesadilla, you’re a taco!”  Or something.

What the hell kind of nickname is Quesadilla, anyway?  There are worse things to be called, for sure, but Jack is pretty set on being just “Jack.”  I just can’t figure out why in the world he’d be named after a Mexican food item.  😛  Kids are weird.

This week Jack also came home with a piece of paper that a girl in his class had written that said, “I love Jack.”  He couldn’t remember which girl it was from, though.  At least the good and bad balance out a bit, right?

6 thoughts on “Senor Quesadilla”

  1. I have a Kindergartener too, my AJ.  Quesadilla really is an odd nickname.  My daughter’s friend’s step-dad calls hr Popcorn for some reason.  My daughter’s name is Camryn and she’s started to hate it when we shorten it to Cami, which we’ve been doing since BEFORE she was born, but she doesn’t seem to mind being called Popcorn. Whatever!

    1. Jack absolutely hates to be called anything other than Jack. Sucks ’cause I used to call him a million different things – mister, jackie, bubba, jackinator…can’t come up with nicknames for the kid anymore.

  2. That is so strange. I can’t imagine why you’d call someone quesadilla. In Middle School these mean girls called me “bacon” apparently because my hair was wavy like bacon. People are dumb and mean and who knows what quesadilla is trying to imply.

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