Trying To Look On The Bright Side

After all, we now get to enjoy:

  • Handicapped parking spots
  • Eaaasssy bedtime
  • More grown up time thanks to an early bedtime
  • An abundance of love and support from all of our friends & family
  • Seeing just what a sweet, kind, and strong person Jack is
  • Less worry about whether Jack’s getting enough to eat
  • Teeth brushing 3x a day without argument (just to avoid mint mouthwash)
  • Jack learning confidence early – if he can beat cancer, he can do anything!
  • Candy and sweets – Jack prefers pickles and turkey, so more sugar for us!
  • Awesome wish granting from Make a Wish program (if we can get Jack to think bigger than a toy)
  • The knowledge that we’re getting the full benefits of the health insurance coverage we’re paying for
  • Easy access to specialist doctors
  • A justifiable excuse to get delivery food and Starbucks
  • Legitimate reasons for sleeping in
  • Fewer disappointments with mail – most of it is fun mail!
  • Newly acquired nursing skills
  • Free books (even if they are about Cancer)

This list is a little tongue-and-cheek but, really, we do recognize all that we have to be grateful for and feel very lucky to be in the position we are in (under the circumstances). Cancer or not, we still have it pretty good in life.

3 thoughts on “Trying To Look On The Bright Side”

  1. It may be hard to see, but there is usually a bright side. I love that you’re finding the light poking through some of the dark and heavy stuff! Love you!

  2. I just started following your blog and twitter and can’t imagine what you all are going through. I will surely keep you in my prayers, and your precious boy. I’m so glad you are looking at the bright side. There IS always a bright side, never mind if it doesn’t outweigh the negatives.. just try to keep your mind there.

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