Feeling Okay

We didn’t get the house we put an offer on. I’m not upset about losing that particular house – it was a good deal but we didn’t LOVE it. In fact, we’ve seen two better ones since. Unfortunately neither of those is in our grasp, either – we apparently like to pick popular houses. So the search continues…and searching for a house is NOT fun – especially when you see things that you fall in love with and cannot buy!

Other than the frustrating house hunt, things are going well. David actually got two job offers today, even while two other companies were waiting to interview him. Craziness! He’ll be signing the offer letter tomorrow. Woohoo! We are very excited over here!

Jack’s been in decent spirits and has been tolerating his medicines well. He only has 6 days left for one of the meds we give him and then we’ll only have to give him the antibiotic (he’ll go to the clinic for his other chemo treatments). Now if we could only get a break from dressing changes! Although, those seem to be less horrible each time (knock on wood). I hope it stays that way!

I hurt myself skiing last weekend. We went to Tahoe with some friends and stayed in their timeshare. It wasn’t until we were headed there that I realized it’s been ten years since I skied last. And unlike my trips in the past, I didn’t have a refresher training booked. I hoped it would all just come back to me and to some extent, it did. That didn’t happen before I exhausted myself, though. I took a three hour break, then decided to head out again and THAT is when I fell. I fell pretty fantastically, too. Skies, poles, glasses, goggles…everything went flying in a million different directions. I hit my head, my shoulder, and I don’t even know what else. I was dazed. I tried to rally because I was near the top of the run and I knew I had to get down so that I could be DONE, but when I got myself together and got up again, I fell again. I admitted defeat when an employee came by and asked if I needed a ride down the mountain in a snowmobile. The snowmobile was absolutely terrifying, too. Going downhill at a rapid speed without a seatbelt SUCKS. I never want to do that again! In any case, my neck is still recovering after the fall and it’s not so much fun.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’m sure there will be more soon as my life never seems to slow down (and that’s not MY fault at all!). I’ll have a new project to unveil to y’all soon!

3 thoughts on “Feeling Okay”

  1. BUMMER! Did you get your neck checked out??? You only have one spine, and it’s pretty damn important! Take it from broken back girl (that would be me), you can jack yourself up and not even realize how bad…

    1. Thanks for reminding me. David got mad at me last night ’cause I hadn’t done it yet…I figured it’d just get better on its own and I really don’t want to wear a neck brace or anything. :/ I just made my appointment!

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