Doing What I’m Doing

There is so much going on. In fact, my therapist suggested I’m doing too much. To which I heartily answered YES! I would love to do less! Unfortunately I don’t have that option. Welcome to my life, sir.

David started his new job this past Monday. So far it’s going great (I think). We’re trying to get some sort of routine going and rearrange schedules with Jack going to his dad’s and our dog going to doggie daycare in the mornings and then hanging with me at work in the afternoons. That’s been interesting! I’m having a bit of a hard time adjusting to seeing Jack less and seeing the dog more. 😛

Things have certainly heated up in the house hunt! Saturday morning a house popped out of escrow and back on the market. Since it was in the school district we wanted and the neighborhood we had already had our hearts set on, we were all over it (even if we had put an offer on another house a few days earlier). David went to the open house on Sunday and when he got home and told me about it (I had been out with my friend Beth getting a much-needed pedicure), I decided I had to see it ASAP. I couldn’t reach our real estate agent (she was in a meeting) so I called up the agent listed on the flyer David had brought home and made arrangements to see the house that evening.

When we drove up to the house, my eyes widened as I recognized a guy I work with playing with is kids in the front yard of the house next door. Of all the houses we’ve looked at (52 or so) in all of the Bay Area cities (7!), we pull up to look at a house next door to a dude I sit 10 feet from at work? Furthermore, he has two boys, aged 6 and 8 who wanted to show me their airplane right off the bat. I am so looking forward to Jack playing with these kids.

The house itself is great. It’s not flashy but it’s comfortable and more than meets our needs. There are things in it that we all can enjoy! I’m super excited about the indoor laundry room and the fact that it has air conditioning. I haven’t had air conditioning in over 10 years! David loves the view and the double oven. Jack will likely be a fan of all the kids his age on the street and the fact that he gets to ride his bike in the partially paved backyard.

We put in our offer immediately and by the next evening we found out we had a house. WOOHOO!

The inspection takes place this Saturday and we move in a month. I’ll get through this by remembering all the hell we’re avoiding by getting out of our current residence! And the much shorter trips to the hospital with Jack. And the extra room so that we can actually have family and friends visit. And and and…

Jack health has been good and for that we are thankful. He did start into his next mini-phase and that is affecting his mood quite a bit. He’s had some serious meltdowns lately. Mood swings aren’t a noted side effect of the two chemo drugs he is getting, so I’m thinking it has to be a combination of fatigue and body aches making him grumpy. Between weakness and achy bones, he’s crawled to different rooms of the house on more than one occasion. Our Case Manager said we may want to think about physical therapy. It should be interesting trying to fit that in!

I know I’m doing too much (I have the fatigue to prove it) but can’t seem to find a quiet moment these days. I need a pause button on my life…

3 thoughts on “Doing What I’m Doing”

  1. My therapist says the same thing about me and I don’t even have kids. I’m addicted to Doing Stuff.

    Congrats on the house! For real, what are the odds of finding one right next to someone you know? And in the Bay Area of all places? It sounds perfect for you guys.

  2. Crystal, I’m finally catching up with you. I’m so glad you have a new home. And I want you to know that I’m here, if you need anything at all: a cup of tea, a listening ear. Really, I’m in your neck of the woods!

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