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Jack is being a total pill lately. I’m not sure if he has been saving it all up for when things with his cancer treatment weren’t so intense or what but it sucks! Sometimes it’s a matter of snapping at us or demanding that we not say certain things (tonight it was “googly eyes”). Other times he won’t pick up after himself and defaults to “my legs hurt.” It makes it difficult to tell when he is really not feeling well and when he is just trying to get out of something!

This is weird territory for us. I know many of the medical professionals we’ve seen have mentioned to me that discipline should still be in Jack’s life but, oy. Who has energy for discipline on top of all the cancer stuff? And how do I even tell if he’s just being a little jerk or really not feeling well? One minute he’ll dash into his room and the next he is crawling on his knees to the bathroom.

Lord knows I’m not at my best, either. Fatigue has more than caught up with me, it seems. I’ve taken more than my fair share of naps lately. Hopefully I will ‘catch up’ soon.

I have one more complaint before closing out this sorry post. 😛 It’s become much harder to share the CaringBridge site with Jack’s dad. Aside from it seeming that he has more and more been using the site as his personal blog instead of Jack’s, having that much insight into what goes on when Jack’s at his house is driving me bonkers. I worry constantly that Jack does too much over there and Jack’s recent attitude problems haven’t helped relieve that fear…especially since Jack has been spending more time there since he’s not in school and David is back at work. I have to keep reminding myself that I can’t entirely protect Jack from his dad’s shenanigans – I can only teach him how to speak up for himself – and becoming a stay-at-home mom is not the answer (although it sounds more appealing on the days when Jack isn’t being a jerk to me…).

Alright, there is my bitch session. Time to put the kiddo to bed!

5 thoughts on “Where I’m Complainy”

  1. Hey I just downloaded this app tonight and read it to my cranky five year old:
    The Grouchies. It’s iPad only and free. She went to bed thinking the happies were going to wake up with her instead of the Grouchies. Watching her face as she recognized the feelings and actions of being grouchy it was like a light bulb went off and she saw she could do battle with them and that her mood can effect ours, etc. I have been struggling with this with her for awhile and this book seemed to interest her and make her want to try harder to be less grumpy.

    So what I’m saying is there is a free app to help young kids deal with being grumpy and while it is not a fancy, fun, interactive app it has a cute story and fun illustrations that worked with my grump.

  2. Oh man… I hate he’s being such a little pill. That’s so hard, you know, on top of everything else. I can see your concerns with the CB page. 🙂

  3. I can totally relate.. when we went through this I thought it was Tyler’s way of coping. However -I still was Mama and insisted he behaved and used his (somewhat) manners.

    If Tyler was mad at me he would call me Verrucas (from Willy Wonka )

  4. Hugs on both counts — Jack being a pill and his dad’s use of the Caring Bridge page. I’ve been kinda wondering how you felt about sharing the Caring Bridge page. Like Jana I completely see your concerns. Take care!

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