Waiting For No. 5

The cancellation for our contract on the house was processed yesterday. We were willing to move forward if the sellers would work with us on a credit toward repairs, but they were adamantly opposed to budging one bit. We’re super disappointed. We spent money on the house already, we were supposed to move into it in a few weeks, we were emotionally invested…and after looking at 53 houses and making 4 offers, we were ready to be done looking. We are tired.

So now we sit back a bit and regroup. The housing market around here has dwindled and there isn’t much to look at currently. The bright side is we’ll have more time to save up more for a down payment, I guess…

One thought on “Waiting For No. 5”

  1. People blow my mind when they are trying to sell houses. Do they think that someone else is gonna come along and make an offer and then be okay after their inspection turns up the exact same problem? It’s ridiculous.

    Your new home is out there. Re-grouping is sometimes necessary. So very sorry this one got away (though thankful that you aren’t moving into MoldVille)

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