Moving Right Along

I have a lot going on.

We’re moving in 2.5 weeks. We still have a ton of packing to do! We’re really excited, though. I think we’re all still holding our breath a tiny bit until we ACTUALLY move in. Still, David and I have been on the hunt for new furniture, so I suppose we’re fairly confident all will be well.

Jack’s in his most intense phase of treatment (although, thus far, has been doing super well and it hasn’t been very intense!). A few days before we move, we start chemo infusions AT HOME. I’ve opted to take a leave of absence from work during this time. The first few days of this phase had me checking on Jack at night and worrying about him dying while asleep. I had nightmares that *I* was getting chemo and feeling horrid and could only imagine how he felt. Thankfully Jack hasn’t appeared to be sick and planning my LOA from work has helped calm me. We can do this!

We’ve managed to get up to wine country twice in the last month. It’s been wonderful. This is the best little escape for us – it’s not far and we can get out of there without spending a ton of money. One of the trips was free, in fact, because of my job (I occasionally get wooed by venues that are hoping I’ll book events with them). These brief trips have been a welcome relief and refreshed us a bit. On Memorial Day David and I met his sister L and her husband. We haven’t seen them since we got married! It was wonderful to catch up and hang out without a real schedule.

As if all the activity above wasn’t enough, I’m heading to the Type A Conference in North Carolina at the end of June. I’m flying to Atlanta to hook up with my friend Jana and then we’re driving to Charlotte. I’m nervous about being away from Jack during that time, but think this will be good for me to get away and let his dad take care of him while I get a break. Still, I bought travel insurance in case I need to change my plans at the last minute due to a health issue!

That’s all I’ve got for now. How are you? Any questions? I know I’ve been MIA…what am I forgetting? (Probably most things!)


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  1. I’m glad that it sounds like things are going okay. I agree that I think a little break will be just what you need. Have fun at Type A!

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