Hello From Type A Conference!

I’m currently in Charlotte, NC with one of my favorite people – Jana from Jana’s Thinking Place. She picked me up from the Atlanta airport yesterday and then we went on a roadtrip to get to NC for the Type A Conference.

We got in last night and I’ve already met several awesome bloggers whom I had been following online for various lengths of time. This conference is much smaller than BlogHer so it’s been a lot less overwhelming. It seems to me that many of the interactions with people in the blogging world here are more significant – maybe because they last more than 5 seconds! When I attended BlogHer two years ago it was a whirlwind – this is much more relaxed.

Which is exactly why I came – relaxation. Well, that and inspiration. And inspiration is what I got – we attended a session presented by Ang England this morning on brainstorming blog ideas. And holy crap do I have a ton of things to write about now! Two pages of ideas flew out of my head. I’m SO excited to get back to writing here – I may just have found my voice again, a voice that Leukemia stomped on earlier this year.

Speaking of Leukemia, I got to chat with Anissa Mayhew last night for a good long time about how our kids have dealt with cancer. Her daughter Peyton is in remission now, so I was curious to hear if she had lasting effects. It was so nice to be able to sit and talk about the intricacies of living this new life and get encouragement to seek out support in the cancer community. I needed that push. Thanks, Anissa!

I’m having a great time here. I so needed this!

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