Over the Hump of Delayed Intensification

The super intense part of Jack’s cancer treatment is behind us. Thank goodness! Things should get easier from here.

It wasn’t actually that hard. It definitely would have seemed so six months ago, but probably this all amounted to maybe an extra 45 minutes of work each day.

I ran labs (hooked vials up to the Broviac catheter to draw blood) and took them to the hospital a few times. Jack had a lumbar puncture with chemo, a chemo drip at the clinic, some fluids to flush his system, then started his 4-day chemo infusions at home. The home chemo involved hooking the Broviac up to tubes of chemo (Cytarabine) while Jack was asleep and letting the chemo infuse over about 15 minutes. Joe took most of the second set of home chemo infusions (all except the last day). Jack took two extra pills (anti-nausea and a chemo pill called 6tg) during this time.

He only threw up once, so that is good! Oh and there was a blood transfusion that followed that week and a half. They had already warned us a blood transfusion was likely.

It seems like a lot, though, right? Maybe it’s just the emotion of it all. I think what got to me most was the sneaking into his room while he was sleeping to hook him up to the chemo. This also led me to stay up past my bedtime and I don’t function well on lack of sleep. Things hit me harder when I’m not well rested.

Jack now has a 10 day break from treatments (although he may need a second blood transfusion – not a super big deal). We can relax. The treatments will all get easier from here. Whew.

I’m tired. I took time off work to care for Jack during the intensity, and a lot of my stress melted away, but it came roaring back once I returned to work. My workload is brutal right now. My co-workers have offered to help but I’m so frazzled that I can’t even figure out what to ask for help on.

Jack’s birthday is on Friday – he turns 6. We’re having a small party with just close family. I’m going to just focus on being grateful that we have this birthday to spend together and try not to worry about everything else. I’m thankful he has more birthdays ahead!

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