Jack’s Birthday Piñata

I wanted to do something special for Jack’s birthday. I love Jack’s birthday (mine, not so much!). And this year seems extra important, especially considering that most of the craptastic parts of his Leukemia treatment are behind us!

Jack has made two requests for his birthday. The first was that he wants a cake AND cupcakes (no problem – that’s an easily arranged request). The second was actually a wish he stated aloud:

“I wish I could have a piñata at my birthday but with only me hitting it!”

The thing is, Jack is currently neutropenic (immuno-compromised) and we can’t have a big party with a bunch of germ-factory kids hanging around. Instead we will have a small family BBQ and he’ll have two of his cousins to play with. It’s seems lame to me, but I know he’ll have fun anyway. And when his immune system (and our bank account) recovers, we’ll go rent that bounce house we promised him and invite all his friends over to play!

The piñata is Jack’s consolation prize. It’s fairly inexpensive and he’ll get to beat something with a bat and he’ll love it. But what to fill it with when he’s the only kid whacking it? His sweet teeth is almost non-existent since the chemo…

I went searching on Amazon (Prime shipping is a mom’s best friend!) and here’s what I came up with:

Shark piñata (he loves Scooby Doo and dragons too much to hit them with bats)

Filled with chocolate candies and…

Mini Plush Monsters

LED Finger Lights
Glow In the Dark Lizards

Monster Head Suckers

I plan to take a couple of each of these things and give them out to the kids at the party in treat bags, along with pairs of these awesome alien glasses:

I hope he likes everything. It incorporates many of his favorite things and won’t create a ton of clutter! The piñata also doubles as a birthday present ’cause I’m lazy like that.

I’m looking forward to being able to grant him this wish. He deserves it!

4 thoughts on “Jack’s Birthday Piñata”

  1. you are an AWESOME mom crystal. those LED finger lights are SO beyond cool. I think most ADULTS would want one too! I hope jack has an AWESOME birthday and I can imagine his delight when he actually bursts open that pinata. that’s gotta be the coolest pinata EVER with the coolest stuff INSIDE EVER. hope to celebrate with you guys when things settle down. LOVED This post.

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