Six Years Ago Today

Jack’s birth was not an easy one. At 41.5 weeks, I was induced and it took 30 hours of contractions before real labor kicked in. Once there, it was another 9.5 hours until the kid was born. Until the very end, he refused to drop and hung out in my rib cage. He also did flips the entire time, so when he was finally born – purple – his umbilical cord was wrapped around his body three times. You can see his still-mottled coloring in this picture, which was taken after they gave him oxygen:

Can you believe that hair? That kid has the craziest amount of hair I’ve ever seen. He was born with sideburns! Even now, after six months of chemo, he’s hanging on to a bunch of hair still! He’s totally my fuzzy little ewok. (He was born up where they filmed the ewok scenes, you know!)

Jack was so aware right from the beginning. He often had a wrinkled forehead and looked so serious. He stared at me with those big, serious eyes early on:

Jack at 5 days old

He smiled and babbled early, too – he was *JACK* right from the beginning. It was easy to see that this little guy had a big personality just waiting to burst out.

Jack smiles at 5 weeks old

We had so many nicknames for him. Jackie. Jackazoid. Jackonaut. Jackington. Jackaroo. Bubba. Mister. They all fit, even today as he dresses up constantly and pretends to be a super hero or an alien or a sea creature.

I can’t believe he’s six. And yet, I feel like my life didn’t exist before he came along. He changed the state of things, that’s for sure. It’s because of him I’ve come so far in therapy. He’s made my life exponentially better and I don’t know what I would do without him.

Happy birthday, sweet boy!


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