Birthday Shark Clubbing and UFOs

We had Jack’s birthday party on Saturday. I started baking his cake Friday night (it took WAY longer than it should have). Saturday morning I started on the frosting while David strung up the piñata and handed Jack a golf putter.

Now, word to the wise – it takes a WHILE for a scrawny six year old to get a piñata open. There is a reason these things are supposed to have a billion kids whacking at it! Jack had to take a break at one point because he got so tired from swinging the putter. While he took a break, David tampered with the shark a bit so that when Jack came back it wouldn’t be long before it starting spewing its insides.

shark pinata
Jack clubbing the shark

Jack loved it. He picked each thing up as it flew out of the piñata to marvel at it. This is another reason it took forever to get through that thing! I had stuffed all kinds of random stuff inside the night before, including leftover fortune cookies and fruit snacks. When the owl keychain I loaded in there flew out, Jack brought it to me immediately and said, “Mom, I think you should have this because you really like owls.” Aww!

I had some major troubles with Jack’s cake – everything was taking longer than it was supposed to, the caramel for the icing seized up the first time, and my buttercream freaked out and tried to turn into cottage cheese at one point. Luckily, I was able to fix it and and slap the UFO cake together. I’m pretty proud of how it came out and everyone else thought it was delicious! I added some monster cupcakes for the kiddies.

UFO Cake
monster cupcakes

I don’t think Jack even noticed that he didn’t have a big party with all of his friends there – he seems perfectly happy with the celebration and I think it was a great birthday party regardless of the size. Yay!

make a wish
Jack’s wish is to bring a dragon to life.

4 thoughts on “Birthday Shark Clubbing and UFOs”

  1. Sometimes smaller is better – less overwhelming.

    That cake is super cute! I love all the little eyes going around it.

    Jack is such a sweetie. I’m glad he had a fun birthday celebration day.

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