BlogHer12 Recap

I’m really glad I got to go to BlogHer this year. It was a great event and I loved seeing New York City again, as well as my many friends who live in the Internets. This BlogHer, as opposed to BH10, was much less overwhelming for me. I don’t know if it was the fact that I had a buddy (Jana), that I knew so many more people this go-round, or if it was the fact that I went in without any expectations or set plans; it all worked out well and I just happened to run into pretty much all the people I had hoped to see!

This is just a brief recap that does the conference NO JUSTICE. But please consider checking out the posts I’ve linked below and enjoy the pics. Maybe I’ll see you in Chicago next year!

Voices of the Year I particularly enjoyed:

Jana: From a Pecan to a Majestic Magnolia (Identity [read at Open Mic])


Elizabeth at Flourish in Progress: To the Person Who Stole My Taco Bell Gordita Savings Fund (Humor)

Neil from Citizen of the Month: The Poet at the Geek Bar (Humor)

Dresden Shumaker: Welfare Queen (Heart)

Arnebya Herndon: Walk This Way (Op-Ed)

Best Party:


Come As You Are – It was hosted by Aiming Low and Mouthy Housewives. I got some pretty sweet artwork drawn on me by Robin Plemmons, plus I got to give out all kinds of compliments on stickers (and got a few myself). And there was the most amazing chocolate covered peanut butter ball dessert thingy…

Connected with and/or hugged (in no particular order and possibly not all-inclusive):

Jana, Issa, Dawn, Cathy, Nona, Alecia, Allison, Katherine, Tanis, Anissa, Julia Roberts, Liz, Andrea, Jenny, Lauren, Frelle, Stacey, Bossy, Christine, Stacey (who also likes ewoks), Robin Plemmons, Angie, Jenny Grace, Julia, EmmieJ, Megan, Kristine, Jenna

Favorite conference moments:

In the “Blogging After Life Change” session, I spoke up to tell my story and was able to connect with another mom whose son had just recently been diagnosed with Leukemia.

When the lovely Robin Plemmons wrote on my arm, “He will be healed,” we both teared up.

Dancing with the very talented Cathy at Sparklecorn.

‘Fancy’ breakfast with Jana and Lauren.

When I drew a schlong on Allison’s moo card during a keynote.

What I did offsite:

Rode the subway, then had ‘fancy breakfast’.
Ate breakfast for lunch at Serendipity3.
Visited Tiffany & Co.

Things I’ll do differently next year:

Go out to dinner.
Buy a memento.
Attend more than 2 sessions.
Pack a suitcase in a suitcase (for swag).
Share a cab to/from the hotel to save cash.
Take an incoming flight that is NOT a red-eye.
Drink more champagne.
Take more pictures!

11 thoughts on “BlogHer12 Recap”

    1. Did you ever get that pic from the CAYA party (the professional one)? I don’t know where to go to find it! And then I have no idea where I put the photo strip of us from CheeseBurgHer!

  1. I squealed out loud when I saw the pic of Jana standing up and reading her post. Love it!

    I’m so happy that you had a great weekend. (and love that artwork on your arm!)

  2. AWW! It was SO nice to get to meet you after all our twittering! It really was fabulous!~ I wish I had planned to stay longer so could have had more TIME to visit with everyone!~ Keep on kicking cancer ass my friend!! xoxo~ Jenny

  3. AH! Yay! *subscribes to blog*

    It was lovely to meet you. And yes, go out to dinner next year. Spend a little time off site. But not too much. That balance is hard to find. I think I did well this year, minus a big breakdown on Friday. Oops?

  4. What a great recap! Spending time with you on the dance floor was one of my very favorite times at BlogHer this year. That Robin Plemmons is pretty darn awesome and I agree with her and the mark she left on your arm – that little guy WILL be healed!! XOXO

  5. So happy our paths crossed! You are remarkable & I admire your spirit. Thank you for sharing a little of your story with me & for making me cry (twice!). It was a privilege to write those words on your body (twice!). Hoping & praying & wishing for all the best.

    Still sad I didn’t get to hear Jana. So proud of her.

  6. I love how you’ve put out here what you’ll do differently next year.

    I’d like to do the same thing, but I’m too shy to do it. I read something today that I’m going to make into my personal mantra, daily mantra: “When the risk is rejection: Center yourself by telling yourself you are where you are supposed to be at that moment.”

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