Go Team!

It’s Friday and I’ve pretty much poured my brain into the posts of earlier this week (please read them!). So, I thought I would bring you hilarity to start off your weekend. A picture of ME, Crystal, EWOKMAMA, as a cheerleader.

Now, I only lasted one season – way back in 1993 (I’m SORRY if that makes you feel old). I wouldn’t go along with the “OMG you guys! Let’s try this super cute thing OMG!” because, uh, yeah. No. I’mma be over here, doing what I was told to do. And I’m going to do a damned good job of it.

Except, well, I was afraid of heights, so, despite my meager 95 lbs, there was no way I was going to be a “flyer.” I wasn’t big enough to be the base of the pyramid, either, so…yeah. I was not cut out for cheerleading. Not at all. But I was fucking cute as all get out!

Go team!

4 thoughts on “Go Team!”

  1. This makes me remember that summer between 7th and 8th grade when I desperately wanted to be a cheerleader.

    I wouldn’t have been nearly as cute as you were, though. Also, with my tendency towards total and complete klutzyness, it is probably best that my parents said no.

  2. TOTES adorbs, yo. Too darling. I actually did Short Flags for one year…and we wore cheer outfits. (Different than the cheer team outfits, but similar in construction.)
    …I guess I should scan a photo; I know I have one somewhere. 😉

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