Forward Movement

I took Friday off work to prepare for a weekend trip to wine country. We didn’t plan to leave until the afternoon, so I took the opportunity in the morning to see about getting Jack enrolled in his new school district. I finally had all the paperwork I needed (with three items to prove residency!) and, after calming my nerves (somewhat) by drinking a warm beverage, I headed over to our neighborhood school.

Well, as it turns out, our neighborhood school is FULL. The waiting list for first graders is already four kids long, which would make Jack number five. I was promptly sent to the district office.

A bit shaky, yet hopeful, I headed into the district office, only to be told that I had arrived after enrollment hours. I can’t recall clearly what I said at that point but I know I babbled, near tears, about my kid not having been in school since December and just at least needing to get him on a list because he couldn’t attend school until this phase of chemo is done anyway and..

The office manager had a look of panic on her face and muttered, “Oh, dear,” before calling over another employee. I must have been quite a sight because the second employee took me right back to her office to find a spot for Jack in school.

THANK GOODNESS for the pity of others – if they hadn’t helped, I am sure I would have fallen on the floor in a pool of tears. Apparently I can take on the big monstrous things without falling apart, but when it comes to something like enrolling my kid in school – something that SHOULD be a routine and fairly easy thing – I can’t handle it going wrong! I cling to the little things, the little reminders that we’re still ‘normal.’ If those little things slip out from under me, I’m bound to lose my shit.

In any case, the wonderful, compassionate people at the district office helped me and did so quickly. We got Jack enrolled in our next-closest school, on a waiting list for our neighborhood school (just in case), and I should be hearing shortly from the Special Education folks to figure out a plan to homeschool until Jack can attend class in October.

I felt AMAZING after I left that office. I did it! My kid is going back to school! Life is starting to return to normal!

That was followed up yesterday with a visit to the dentist – his first time! That has been one parenting task I’ve been failing at getting accomplished up until now, and I’ve been beating myself up over it all these years. I was more than a little relieved to hear that Jack’s teeth were found to be in good shape – even with cancer and all. Whew!

Jack and I swung by his new school after his appointment. He liked the looks of the playground and the wall mural, but declared the place seemed haunted. I’m hoping that’s just because there were no kids around (thanks to a staff development day).


Not that I’m worried – at this point, after what we’ve been dealing with these past nine months, I’m not afraid to take on a few ghosts!

8 thoughts on “Forward Movement”

  1. I can see how an empty school could have a haunted feel to it.

    I’m proud of you for standing up, and getting him enrolled, and conquering the dentist visit.

    You can take on anything (including a few ghosts), and you will win!

  2. That is so awesome Crys. Good for you for being strong and speaking up. Good for them for doing everything they can to get Jack back in school. Time to do the Snoopy victory dance!

  3. I do that too – I can hold it together for the big thing (though not as big as yours – you are amazing), but some stupid little thing will be harder than I expected and I will fall apart. I’m so excited to hear about Jack going back to school – much love and many hugs.

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