New Kid In School

Jack went to school today!!!

Let me rephrase that: for the first time in almost 10 months, Jack went to school today!!!

We drove to the school this morning and walked Jack to his new (first grade) classroom. Before the teacher had even spotted us, the kids all said, “Hiiiiii Jack!” and showed him where his desk was. Jack seemed to forget all about us. That boy does like attention…I was just happy to know that the teacher had prepared the kids for Jack’s arrival and that they were all so welcoming. It looked like he might be the “cool new kid.”

It was a short day – on Wednesdays they let out at noon – and it was made even shorter by a school walk-a-thon. Jack’s dad went to get him and apparently Jack was so enamored with his new friend Brianna (he has a friend already!!) that he didn’t want to leave – he decided he’d walk with the rest of the kids. Woohoo!

This has all cheered me up enormously. I wrote a long, depressing post yesterday that I kept in my drafts folder – I just couldn’t bring myself to post another depressing post following the recent ones. But I’m feeling better today – WE CAN DO THIS! We’re in Maintenance, baby!

And today I got a call from the Make-a-Wish program and it sounds like we’ll meet with them next week. They’ll bring an ice breaker gift for Jack and then interview him about his wish. Exciting!

I’m going to be cheerful if it kills me, dammit! 😉


5 thoughts on “New Kid In School”

  1. Please to be not killing yourself. Still, with joy and kindness is a better way than others.

    HOORAY for Jack in school, return to routine, new friends, walk-a-thon. Super yays.

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