He Wants Money

While Jack has no concept of monetary worth and is a bit shaky on his math skills these days, he is still motivated by money. I discovered this a couple of years ago when we were working on potty training. Well, ‘potty training’ isn’t the right term really – he knew exactly what to do and didn’t need training, he just didn’t want to do it. Stickers, candy, etc. were not good enough incentives for him. The thing that finally worked was $$MONEY$$. Every time he used the toilet I gave him some coins to put in a clear bucket. At the time he responded with wide eyes and asked, “I can buy ANY toy I want???”

Sure, honey, just keep saving those nickels.

More recently we’ve been trying to help Jack with his memory. He tended to forget things before cancer came into the picture, and ‘chemo brain’ is certainly not helping his recall. He’s terrible at remembering kids’ names and can’t for the life of him remember what he did during the day. Half the time he’ll make up some story about monsters or aliens on the playground to cover up his shoddy memory.

It’s a good thing Forgetful Jones isn’t around on PBS anymore, otherwise he’d have that nickname like I did! Someday I’ll have to apologize to him for passing on this sad trait of mine (if I remember).

When Jack came home from his first day of school and actually told us all about it (first time ever!) we were super excited. We immediately decided to encourage this behavior. Thanks to their ready availability at the clinic, Jack is no longer interested in stickers in the least and he already gets chocolate following his regular doses of antibiotics…hence, we offered him money if he remembered the name of his projects partner at school the following day.

Upon hearing “Gabriel who is a boy” announced, Jack was handed a dollar. Yesterday he came home and told me about Toni, and also about a kid from Room 1 that he’s decided is his enemy (the kid tried to get Jack to say “underwear” in a knock knock joke – Jack is much too proper for those shenanigans). When David asked if maybe he wanted a treat, Jack said yes and drew a rectangle shape with his fingers to indicate he wanted a dollar. We cracked up and handed it over.

I’ve given Jack his first wallet so he can stash his cash. He’s up to $3 so far. I believe he plans to use his money to buy monster berries in his favorite iPad game Monster Pet Shop (which involves breeding, raising, and selling monster pets – we’re actually both addicted – be our FRIEND!). I would be encouraging him to save it for college but I think we might have an entrepreneur on our hands!

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