An Unexpected Weekend Of Freedom

We had an unexpectedly free weekend without Jack. It involved a lot of lazing around since I got two migraines (ugh!), but it was still pretty relaxing to get a break from medication struggles for a couple of days. Usually our weekends without Jack are filled with social stuff. We did a bit of that, but since it was last minute most people had plans already. David and I took the opportunity to spend some quality time together, watch a movie, and even go out for breakfast on Saturday. It was divine!

On Sunday I spent a glorious two hours at Target all by myself! There are a lot of little things we needed and I like to save ’em up because everyone knows you can’t get out of Target without spending at least $100. I browsed to my heart’s content since I had nowhere to be. I bought the laundry sorting hamper I’d been wanting – it has three compartments and each one can be removed and carried (downstairs) to our washing machine. My floor looks so much nicer now (that I can see it)! Time saver, too!

I was also able to grab some Halloween decorations from the dollar bin and some items to make packing Jack’s lunches easier – an insulated lunch bag, some small Gladware containers, and an ice pack. The lunch bag had a place for me to write Jack’s name, which I really appreciate. That kid loses everything!! Today I got an email from Mabel’s Labels and realized I need to order some of those for school, too (IF ONLY they sold them at Target!). And since Jack likes all things creepy, Halloween sales are perfect! Check it out:

Happy Halloween! Don’t let this fabulous offer from Mabel’s Labels scare you!

From now until 10/19, or while supplies last, Mabel’s Labels is offering a $3 off coupon for Allergy Alert labels, with all Halloween Loot Bag Combo purchases. The Loot Bag Combo was inspired by celebrities who love to include the Mabel’s Labels waterproof Sticky Labels and Bag Tags in their children’s birthday party loot bags. These sweet combos make great party favors and add a personalized touch to gifts! Best of all, you save $3 off Allergy Alert labels. Perfect for keeping your child safe this Halloween. Don’t miss your chance to shop this great offer!


It may be happening slowly, but we are indeed getting back to a routine and finding our way again. Now if only there was a product I could buy that made getting homework done easier…I’d pay a fortune for that!


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