Getting Jack Back

“Mom, I’m starting to get used to myself in the mirror,” Jack told me recently. He further explained that he was feeling better about how he looks with short hair. I told him that’s great! He is a handsome kid no matter what his hair looks like and I’m very happy he can see it.

His appearance is worlds better than it was nine months ago. He’s put a few pounds on since he was first diagnosed (he’s gone from 42lbs to about 45) and his hair is growing back fairly quickly with mostly the same consistency and color as before he lost it. His eyes aren’t as sunken and the circles are there less frequently.

He runs, he climbs, he is mostly back to his old self. He has fewer aches and pains, more energy, and expresses less fear. This was readily apparent on our recent trip to the zoo with some neighbor boys – Jack challenged them to races and climbed a tree with them, too! We were there for four hours and he didn’t even say once that he was tired. *I* was the one who had to nap when we got home.

The Child Life Specialist mentioned that the fact that he is feeling so good is likely part of the reason Jack’s been having difficulty taking his medicines since maintenance began. He LOOKS healthy, he FEELS healthy, so it’s hard for him to feel motivated to take something that tastes terrible and doesn’t make him feel any better. Not to mention the fact that he’s just plain sick of being a cancer crusader – he’s gone back to school and just wants to be a regular kid.

We have a lot of cancer treatments to get through still – two years more – but I’m happy to see that we don’t have to wait that long to have our boy back. We missed him.

7 thoughts on “Getting Jack Back”

  1. A friend of mine shared with me that Whole Foods sells a Chocolate/peanut butter. It looks and tastes just like Nutella but it has NO dairy. Might be a good alternative if he is willing to take that with the pills.

      1. Ok so I was there today and what she told me about does in fact have skim milk powder in it.
        Sorry about that. Didn’t see anything else that didn’t have milk in it though. I do know that some Whole Foods carry things that other don’t.
        Good luck!

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