Thanksgiving 2012

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving – the first one in our new house. I was worried because we just had a few people slated to join us. The Thanksgivings of my childhood were full of family, particularly cousins, but we’ve all grown up and spread out and no longer have a single common place to celebrate. Most of my holidays as an adult have thus far has been spent with Jack’s dad’s family, and I feel that loss more acutely during the holidays. I miss the feeling of being surrounded by gobs of family with tons of little kids running around like nuts.

The day dawned, though, and it was great! I had enlisted Jack’s help in baking the night before – pumpkin pie, cornbread muffins, and pumpkin rice crispy treats – so I started on Christmas cards with my friend Kurstan while enjoying mimosas and folding cootie catchers for Jack (who had enough energy for five kids!). We snacked and drank, then snacked some more when David’s sister Stella came over, and then we all dined on the perfect Thanksgiving feast. I didn’t end up missing being surrounded by bunches of people.

We ended our Thanksgiving by playing Cards Against Humanity and cracking up all over the place. If you are into party games (we LOVE board games in our house) and want a raunchy twist on Apples to Apples, definitely check it out. You can download the cards and print them for free!

I was not among the many, many people who engaged in Black Friday shopping. I did order a few things online, but for the most part took it easy on the shopping. After the expenses we’ve had this year, we are trying not to hemorrhage money this Christmas!

I came away from Thanksgiving feeling so very grateful for what I have – a wonderful marriage, an awesome son who is kicking cancer’s ass, a roof over my head and food to eat. That may or may not sound like a lot, but those things make me a happy girl.

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  1. Speaking of Christmas cards, I hope you have your mail being forwarded from your old address. It’s the only address I had for you, so I sent your card there hoping it got forwarded.

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