Crystal vs. Ice

I’ve been dealing with a nasty Vitamin D deficiency that has made me fairly useless. The major symptom I’m having is fatigue. I nap a LOT and simple things wear me out. It’s quite annoying. I’m on supplements now so hopefully I’ll get it all under control soon!

In the mean time, I’m spacey and an accident on Monday did me no favors in rectifying that. I’ve lived in California my whole life, mostly in the central valley where it has snowed maybe once in my life (and it didn’t stick). It did get frosty there and I remember warnings about black ice on the freeways, but I lived in a very flat area that saw little water due to drought and the fact that our sprinklers were totally broken anyway. So, while we had frost on our windshields, I never dealt with an icy walkway!

Now I live on a hill. Not only is there about a 30 degree upward slope from the sidewalk in front of our house to the back of our property, but the street slopes perpendicular to our property slope, as seen here (note: that is the previous owners’ RV. My car was parked in that spot.):

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Well, on Monday I was in a hurry to get to work so I stepped out of the house, not paying any attention to the ground beneath me, and headed to my car. Halfway down the walkway (see left-most yellow star), I slipped on a layer of ice and fell, skinning my knee and ripping my (favorite!) pants. I sat there for a few seconds to determine if the ankle twisted beneath me was broken (it wasn’t) and I went back inside to change out of my ruined pants before trying again.

I didn’t fair much better in Act 2. This time I decided to walk through the grass toward the driveway and avoid that patch of ice on the walkway! BUT…I got to the driveway and made it a few steps before my feet left the earth and I fell flat on my ass! The poor dog slid down the driveway, his legs and paws scrambling to find some traction, looking a lot like Bambi on ice. I grabbed his leash and hauled him up to me and got him in the car so he couldn’t go skating further away. He looked thoroughly confused!

Then, because I’m an absolute MORON, I figured I’d go pick up the water bottle I had dropped the FIRST time I fell. It had rolled down the gutter to the front our neighbor’s house. I tried to walk down the driveway behind my car, ever so gingerly, and that would be when I fell for the third time – this time hitting my right temple on the icy concrete.

WHY I thought I could walk on ice, I don’t know. I cannot explain my thought process at all! But I got into my car after that third fall and sat there, dazed, wondering what the hell I was supposed to do and whether I could even drive. I had fallen three times, but I was too cold to know if I’d hurt anything other than my rapidly swelling finger and throbbing head. I really needed to get to work (we had a big event that I was supposed to be there for), but I had just hit my head on concrete! Plus, my pants were a bit wet. I sat there contemplating and staring at my steering wheel.

The garage door opened then, as it was time for David to take Jack to school. He and Jack looked over at me curiously, then walked over to ask what was going on. I told him the whole story, explained my dilemma, and I don’t really remember what happened then but I went back inside to call the doctor and MomGyver a make-shift splint for my finger.

I also happened to check the weather report and found out there was a ‘hard frost advisory’ in effect for the area. Very helpful. 😛

So later that day David drove me into the Minor Injury Clinic at Kaiser and I got an x-ray of my finger and a CT scan of my head. Thankfully (and kind of miraculously!), I had no broken bones and no bleeding in my brain. They splinted up my sprained finger, told me to stay home two days to recover from my mild concussion, and sent me on my way.

So that is my story of utter ridiculousness on a Monday morning and how I got my second concussion in the span of about a year. I’m going to have to start wearing a helmet when I leave the house. Please forgive me if I don’t finish sentences over the next few weeks, as I’m concussed!

By the way, if anyone knows where our sprinkler system timer is located, I’d be mighty grateful for the information!

3 thoughts on “Crystal vs. Ice”

  1. yeah, those weather service warnings? Not helpful at all. We were supposed to get snow yesterday. It rained it’s ass off. the rain? Froze.

    I’m sorry you got all banged up, and I’m thankful the damage wasn’t worse. Hope you get to feeling better fast!

  2. Oh noes!!! Gah, what a tale of ouchies.
    …You’re going to leave through the garage from now on when it is cold, right???

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