Almost Spring

So, it’s February. Barely so – it’s closing in on March quickly! And I will mostly look back on the first two months of 2013 and not remember what the hell I did with my time.

But! Jack got glasses a week or so ago. We found out he is very farsighted and so now he has a pair of glasses with very thick lenses. It bummed me out a bit – another thing for him to have to deal with, and the glasses hide his gorgeous long eyelashes. But his vision shouldn’t worsen with age (this is a genetic thing and not cancer-related) and he can now read more easily and quickly! And this should mean less headaches for him, as well, which I know he’ll appreciate.

The adjustment to having glasses has gone surprisingly smoothly. Jack doesn’t normally handle transitions well, but with the glasses he tends to forget he is even wearing them and I have to remove them at bedtime. His classmates chattered a lot about the change when Jack showed up at school, but as far as I know there haven’t been any problems with teasing.

Jack’s teacher told me recently that he has caught up academically with his classmates! She has been very impressed by and proud of him! This was before he got glasses, so I’m sure that he will continue improving with the aid of being able to see properly. He recently read his first 40- and 50-page books, too!

I’m still a bit mystified by Jack’s social interactions. On any given day he’ll say he doesn’t have any friends or that no one wants to play with him. Yet walking through school and seeing all the kids who say hi to him tells a different story! He even gets hugs sometimes! It also seems that, from what we can interpret from the few details Jack gives us, it’s not that kids don’t want to play with him but that they don’t want to play what HE wants to play OR they don’t play it the way he wants them to. I’m not sure how to help him be more assertive with his needs (it’s taken a ton of work just to get him to tell us when he’s not feeling well – he doesn’t want to upset us!) and also to be less rigid. I’m hoping he’ll get it figured out on his own. 😛

Physically Jack is doing fine. Maintenance continues as normal, although we did have to add Tums to his regimen on the weeks he takes steroids. A 6-year-old with heartburn is a pity (and kinda scary because all he knows is that his “chest hurts;” I already had the worry about when his stomach hurts – kidneys? liver? just constipation?). He’s also had either the same cold or four different colds since before Christmas. But his ANC is good and his exams have been fine so I try to focus on that. Plus, he is definitely growing! The kid needs new clothes and shoes again.

It had seemed we were making progress on the self-flagellation but yesterday Jack got really frustrated with himself for going through several pairs of socks before finding comfortable ones and slammed his forehead against the arm of the couch. He said he didn’t have time to draw that lesson (we were running late for school). And unfortunately he wasn’t feeling well enough to go to therapy on Wednesday since he’d had chemo the day before, so we’ll have to wait until March to address that again with his therapist. Maybe in the mean time I’ll coat the walls and hard furniture with bubble wrap!

So that’s what’s going on with my little ewok dude lately. It’s fairly tame stuff and for that I am grateful!

4 thoughts on “Almost Spring”

  1. Fairly tame is definitely good! Yay Jack for getting caught up on studies and tackling those bigger books.

    I’m glad the transition with the glasses went so well. Being able to see better is a big thing, and hopefully it really will reduce his headaches. Is there any way you can get a quick appointment worked in with the therapist? Seeing as how Jack has a very legitimate reason for missing that appointment, maybe they can work with you on that.

  2. I love little boys with glasses. I just do.

    BB also struggles with the “they didn’t want to play what I wanted to play so that means they don’t like me” issue. We’ve been working on it, but it’s definitely a tripping point for him.

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