Slow and Steady

We’ve been doing a lot of prioritizing in Casa d’Ewok lately. Mainly we are doing the things we absolutely must do, along with some things that make us happy and that’s about it. We are trying to get rid of extra tasks so that we can focus on getting some of our sanity back.

It’s slow going. There are always things that are unpleasant and time-sensitive to do! And once I get started, I have a hard time stopping because I’m worried about losing momentum. But I’m getting a little better at it all the time.

This weekend we focused on resting when we could and trying to get our house in order. In the last six months, two dimmer switches have broken and one started buzzing, the handle on one of our toilets broke, the refrigerator door stopped closing properly, and our house has really started to look like the Tasmanian Devil lives there. So on Saturday David and I trekked over to OSH and stocked up on various home improvement items. Then I did some laundry and napped while David went about mowing the lawn and fixing the various broken things we’ve been patiently living with for months and months.

I learned that having a husband who can fix things is pretty goddamned awesome. And hot!

We also went over to our neighbor’s house for dinner and board games. It was great to socialize with people who live on our street and then stumble home on foot, tipsy but happy, and hit the hay before midnight! We love our neighborhood and neighbors!

David and I recently discussed the fact that more and more, we are becoming homebodies. 90% of our weekdays are now spent working, commuting, and caring for a child with chronic illness, so…the weekends mean a lot. We need that time together at home. This used to cause me a great deal of angst – I’m a terrible homemaker, yet I don’t like sitting at home on my ass, either. I’ve always needed to get out and do things and see people!

But now it’s different. I feel old and tired and in need of some very straightforward, repetitive, easy things. I don’t want to go anywhere or have obligations or spend money. I want to spend time with my husband and my son and I want to spend time with myself. I want to relax and live at my own pace.

So, I am doing that. And it feels good.

One thought on “Slow and Steady”

  1. A lot of people I know–even those with fairly ‘normal’ lives, lacking health concerns–are more interested in staying home with their beloved. I guess we are getting old. 😛

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