I Totally Called That One

I was on top of things this morning. I pushed aside my anxiety (which I get on every blood draw day) and got Jack his breakfast, drew his blood for labs, and administered his morning medicine. He got to school only a bit late (and we had a good excuse anyway) and then I got his labs to the hospital by 9:15am. I felt pretty good about that!

After dropping off the labs, I got on the highway and headed to work. For the first time this week, there was NO traffic. I flew down the road and through the toll plaza. I dropped my dog off at daycare before 10am – that’s less than 45 minutes to get from Hayward to San Francisco. Hell yeah!

I rode that high for about 2 minutes and then…

Less than 30 minutes later Jack’s lab results came in. His WBC counts had dropped and his ANC came in at a measly 440 – definitely neutropenic and susceptible to infection. While at school.

It’s like I’m psychic!

Or maybe just used to the push and pull that is my life.

David left work to pull Jack out of school while I called Jack’s dad. Jack was supposed to go to his Half Moon Bay home this weekend but they are all sick over there so we decided it’d be best he stay put in San Leandro.

Our Case Manager called me to confirm that Jack is neutropenic and give me instructions for this week. It sounds like we’ll still go through with his procedure on Monday (Spinal Methotrexate followed by a Vincristine infusion) but until then he’ll be off of chemotherapy to encourage his system to recover.

I think this is the first break from chemo Jack has had since this whole thing started last January. I’m not sure what to say about that. It feels strange. I’ll take it, though. It’ll be nice not to have to rush Jack through dinner so that we get enough time between his evening meal and chemo. Maybe the weekend will actually feel like a weekend.

And maybe, just maybe, he’ll sleep in since he’s feeling a little under the weather…

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