Frustration and Worry

Jack is home from school again. He’s in pain again. But the pain is now in his lower back. He’s also complained of pain in his elbows and his lower abdomen. He walks hunched over like an old man and Tylenol doesn’t help. (He can’t have ibuprofen since it’s a blood thinner.)

I’ve called the oncology clinic several times over the last few weeks. They don’t know why he puked last Friday. He never pukes. They don’t know why he’s still in pain – it can’t be the steroids because he had his last dose of those ten days ago. They don’t know why he was having chest pain a couple of weeks ago. They are “puzzled.”

I don’t know how others would feel in my position, but I don’t want my child’s oncology team to be “puzzled” by his symptoms.

My seven-year-old is walking around hunched over in pain – and has been for over a week – and no one is giving us any indication of WHY or what to do about it. (Well, they’ve suggested warm baths and warm compresses. Maybe your seven-year-old will tolerate those, but mine won’t.)!

I just want my baby to feel better. I want to know he is getting better. I don’t want to worry about relapse.

One thought on “Frustration and Worry”

  1. Hopefully they will get busy testing whatever they can test. He shouldn’t have to be in this pain and they shouldn’t have an “I don’t know” answer.

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