My Favorite Easy-Peasy Recipes

I don’t like cooking. I do like baking, but rarely have time for it anymore. And when I do have time, I find it difficult to forget all the clean up involved afterward.

So, I’ve started using a crock pot for dinners. And I’ve started making no-bake cookies. Because I’m lazy as can be.

If you have a crock-pot and are looking for a SUPER easy and healthy recipe, try out this Crock Pot Sante Fe Chicken from Skinny Taste. There is no pre-cooking involved and most of the ingredients are canned or frozen. SO EASY and low calorie! I make the Cilantro Lime Rice to go with it, partly to use up the cilantro I bought, but mostly because it’s freaking delicious!

The no-bake cookies I’ve started making are actually called No Bake Energy Bites. But that sounds less fun, right? I use the Give Me Some Oven recipe but have adapted it for my tastes – I add about 1/4 cup of Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter (which is essentially the same thing as Biscoff Cookie Butter), some rice crispies, and I skip the vanilla. I love that there is no added sugar in these ‘cookies’ and they have grains and protein. It’s a snack that I don’t feel guilty about eating!

There ya go. Have fun!

Do you have any easy, go-to recipes?

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Easy-Peasy Recipes”

  1. Aside from the fact the only meat I eat is fish, these all sound super easy and yummy! I might have to feed the chicken dish to my guys and make a stash of the energy bites to keep all to myself. 😉

    1. You could easily make the Sante Fe one without the meat! Just use veggie stock instead of chicken. Probably you could throw fish in there if you wanted – but the beans are so very good (I used black & pinto beans last time I made it).

  2. Sure do, and most of them are in the crockpot! A beef roast with a little bit of water and onion soup mix is a favorite. We love rice, and making mixes ahead of time makes the prep easy. T’s favorite is Buttery Garlic Rice ( Chicken with BBQ sauce is another one, or just chicken with italian salad dressing over plain rice. Also, sloppy joes are big in our house lately, and both of my boys like this recipe: We also keep taco meat (1lb of ground beef browned with taco seasoning, mixed with a can or equivalent of refried beans makes 2 dinners worth) for quick dinners. 🙂

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