Too Many Things

Yesterday involved a lot of things. Too many things, which ended up overwhelming me.

These things included:

  • Cleaning up the bloody nose Jack had when he awoke. And then worrying if this was a sign of low platelets (it wasn’t).
  • Drawing blood to determine ANC (not related to the bloody nose) and running the vials to the lab.
  • Getting Jack out the door on time to make it to school (put your shoes on, take your meds, brush your teeth, do you need a jacket, don’t forget your backpack). It was dicey for a bit because he couldn’t put two words together and walked around like a drunk man.
  • Calling the vet to make an appointment for my cat who has a skin issue that just won’t go away, likely due to a thyroid problem.
  • Trying to remove the nail polish from Halloween and being left with blue-stained nails.
  • Calling the Department of Child Support Services to determine the status of my account, which has seen no activity since July. Apparently the DCSS has requested that the DMV suspend Jack’s dad’s driver’s license.
  • Notifying Jack’s dad and step-mom about the license suspension. In case they missed the memo. And worrying about the (almost for certain) blow-back that will likely occur.
  • Worrying about leaving the country (and Jack) in a couple of weeks.
  • Calling and leaving a message for Jack’s oncology case manager to ask about the results of the labs, which showed that the acidosis had gotten WORSE despite the changes in medication that happened two weeks ago. The case manager was not working today.
  • Contacting Jack’s pediatrician in an attempt to understand why Jack’s acidosis has gotten worse instead of better and find out next steps. Apparently the next step may be consulting with a nephrologist.
  • Letting the home tutor know we might not need him but, hey, it’s early in the week so ask us again in a day or two because Jack hasn’t made it to school more than two days in any given week over the last three months.
  • My day job, but from home.
  • Setting out the rest of Jack’s pills for the week and, then, ordering more.

That was all capped off by a full blown anxiety attack. ‘Cause this was all too much for one person to handle on any day and there will just be more tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Too Many Things”

  1. Well, damn. You topped me as far as a stressful day is concerned. I hope you can get to the bottom of Jack’s acidosis issue and I hope the week gets better! And I know all about dealing with ex-husbands — so I can commiserate there!

  2. Honestly, just reading that gave me anxiety. I hope you are able to take a few minutes for yourself today. Maybe you and David can chat over some tea or watch a movie once Jack is in bed this evening. And, hopefully, it wont take long to sort out and correct the acidosis. Despite the anxiety attack, I don’t know how you do it!

    1. David picked Jack up from school while I took some time to chill out. That helped a bit. I’m just channeling Dory with the “just keep swimming” and counting down to my upcoming vacation – 9 days! Surely that will help…right??

  3. That is too much. *hugs*

    You’ve talked a lot about the support system that you have in place for Jack, but what about you? Does Jack’s social worker (or someone else) have any ideas for your stress levels? I am worried that you aren’t taking enough care of yourself (because who would have time with all that you have going on?) and I want you to be okay.

    1. The short answer is…not really. I saw a therapist for a while but it got to be too stressful (and/or exhausting) to keep the appointments. I tried finding a support group near my house recently and couldn’t find one (the ones I’ve heard about are 30+ minutes from my house and a lot of them take place during the day when I’m working). I need to look again, though…

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