Jack Star, A Poem

This is a poem that one of Jack’s friend’s mom emailed to me one morning. We were dealing with his health problems and she wanted to provide some encouragement. I’m sharing it with her permission:

For Jack (by Anonymous)
Jack you are a bright shining star
I see this star in your eyes
I see this star in your smile
my heart breaks when the star seems dim
when you don’t feel so good inside
But even when it seems dim, hiding temporarily behind a little cloud –
Your star is shining just as bright and is just waiting to burst out again when it gets its first chance
Jack you are simply amazing to me
You shine when you draw your masterpieces
You shine when you tell of your fascinating adventures
You shine when you run fast and when you take your time and walk slowly
You shine when you are quietly reading your books
You shine when you notice the littlest bug on the tip of the leaf
I bet you even shine with your eyes closed when you sleep
So many people love you and are cheering you on-
All these people are saying “we love you Jack – keep on shining!”
Jack I pray blessings for you beyond what you could ever imagine
Thank you for being you – Jack Star –
Thank you for shining so brightly to us all

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