Magical Sevilla

David and I both fell in love with Sevilla, Spain. Something about that city is magical. It feels quaint and cozy even though it’s the fourth-largest city in Spain. The center of the city is pedestrian-only and here and there you will hear a musician – with actual talent – playing guitar beautifully so it feels like the city has its own soundtrack. One such musician sat in Plaza Elvira (where we stayed) and filmed a music video; we even participated and were filmed as part of the audience!

There is just no way to convey through pictures how enchanting this city was – I hope some day you all can visit and experience it (if you haven’t already). We did our best, though, and her are some of the things that make Sevilla such a charming place.

There are cobblestone streets with horse-drawn carriages

Ancient buildings around every street corner and off in the horizon


An abundance of orange trees that are covered in fruit (too bitter to eat, but making for beautiful scenery)

Buildings and courtyards with thousands of inlaid hand-painted ceramic tiles




Stone carvings that are mind-blowingly intricate and well-preserved


Flamenco up close and personal

Well manicured gardens that seem to have no end

And city views unlike anything you’ve seen before

These are mere snippets of all that we saw in our two days in Seville (the whole set of pictures can be seen on Shutterfly). Every single thing we saw there exceeded all expectations, including the people.

Someday, we’ll go back and experience the magic again.


4 thoughts on “Magical Sevilla”

  1. I love love love Seville. It’s one of my favourite cities on earth…there is just something about it. We stumbled (literally) upon a tapas place (that we’re pretty sure was just someones house??) and for 10ish euro a piece ate and drank as much as we possibly could under the stars on the “patio” while everyone sang along to the live music. Add in seeing a flamenco show, the architecture and the general loveliness of the city? It’s definitely a winner! Every winter I specially order Seville Oranges because while they’re bitter and gross to eat right off the trees…they make the BEST marmalade you could EVER imagine.

    Glad you loved it so much 🙂 – oh how I miss Europe!

    1. It’s definitely one of our favorites now, too. It seems to have everything! We may not go back to Madrid in the future but we will DEFINITELY go back to Seville! Maybe even retire there…

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