Somewhat Calmer Days

I’m in the second trimester of my pregnancy (at least, I am according to one of the apps on my phone) and things have mellowed out some. Not a lot, but enough that I’m not waking up at 5am having panic attacks and worrying about my ability to parent a second child effectively. Instead I’m waking up at 5am and trying to soothe Jack back to sleep because he’s had a nightmare or three. Or I’m contemplating murdering one of my cats – either the one that likes to scratch every wooden surface in the house or the one that lets out loud, melancholy yowls when he can see the bottom of his food dish.

Pregnancy has made me much less tolerant of my animals’ antics. David has had to tell me to stop trying to give away our pets. And I said fine, but I can’t be held accountable if one (or all) of them doesn’t make it to the end of this pregnancy.

Hormones – they are raging in full force!

Aside from Jack’s nightmares, things with Jack have been a little more manageable as of late. He is enjoying his new adapted PE class, which means, for the first time EVER, he is enjoying physical education at school. We’re being much more lax on homework and watching the clock so that he doesn’t work on homework longer than 20 minutes each night. This helps us all feel less stressed! We bought him a new memory foam mattress and it seems like it’s helping him get out of bed in the morning without the aches and pains (and it’s good for me because my arms were falling asleep when I would lay down with him on his old mattress).

Jack’s been attending therapy for about four weeks now, as well, which started when he began showing signs of depression. He loves going to therapy, which is play-based. He gets to talk about whatever he wants and he’s assured that it’s all private (unless, of course, there is talk of hurting himself or others). He’s had fewer angry outbursts and seems to be more talkative about other things now. Next we’ll have to see if we can do something about those nightmares.

David and I are going in this Friday for our next prenatal appointment and we’re supposed to have another ultrasound done. I’ll be 14 weeks exactly, and the ultrasound tech I spoke with last time I was in said she can usually tell the gender at that time. My fingers are crossed that we’ll be able to find out – baby names are driving me crazy and I hope that knowing the gender will help bring some clarity in that arena. David and I aren’t finding it easy to agree on names – he likes classic American/English names and I generally prefer things that aren’t in the top 100…not to mention that quite a few people I know have either had babies recently or are giving birth this year and some of the names on our list are also being considered by friends.

“You know too many people,” David says.

Jack thinks the baby will be a boy, although the only name suggestion he has offered is for a girl – Ruby. I was impressed by his suggestion, and also a little surprised because he usually names things according to the color they are. Although, now that I think of it, perhaps he is taking inspiration from my own gemstone-inspired name. Huh. (That’s how names get taken off the list sometimes – a thought occurs to one of us like “oh that starts a theme” or “but that reminds me of that crazy person” or “too many celebrity babies have that name.”)

Naming babies is hard…

Anyway, that’s the latest and greatest in our household. And, yeah, feel free to throw some names at us if you think of anything!

7 thoughts on “Somewhat Calmer Days”

  1. If you have a basement, kitties can sleep there overnight. Our Bodie is a world-class yowler, to say nothing of his habit of piddling when he’s upset (anywhere, anytime) so I put him downstairs when it’s bedtime and whoever wakes up before me gets him up again. He’s adapting well to this solution — granted, his previous human underlings stuck him in the garage in the dead of winter, so maybe this is just “Hey, nice people, thanks.”

    1. Alas, we don’t have a basement. We’ve tried shutting them in the carpeted stairway that leads down to the garage but the meowing just echoes off the walls in there. I think the garage itself is too cold so I wouldn’t want to put them in there. We’ve tried shutting them out of our room but when we do that one scratches at the door while the other wakes Jack up! GAH!

  2. My favorite source for name ideas is Swistle’s Baby Name Blog.

    The combination of Jack and Ruby sounds so sweet but I would avoid it because of Jack Ruby.

    For boy names with Jack I am particularly fond of Henry, Charlie, or Tom.

    1. I will check out that blog!

      I have a friend who has a Henry and also had a Charlie who passed away. I wouldn’t feel right using either name, even though I like them both!! They are in line with the style we like, though.

  3. Naming babies is hard. I had the same thought as Annika when I saw Ruby (although I do like it as a name in general). It got easier for Thomas and I to pick Katarina’s name once we knew officially she would be a girl, so we only had to make one list of names instead of two.

    1. We have two front runner names (one for a boy and one for a girl) but I can’t seem to feel certain about them yet. Ruby isn’t actually in the running – I like it but it doesn’t feel like the right name. We are keeping the names we might actually use somewhat quiet!

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