Calm and Clean: Little Twig Review

When you wait eight years between kids, it’s likely you’ll be starting over again with all the STUFF. I had saved very little of Jack’s baby stuff – as I wasn’t sure that I would ever have another child – and my head was out of the baby game for a long, long time. So when I found out I was pregnant with Dez, I got to work learning about all the new things that have been invented since I’d first become a mother.

For those of you who have also been out of the baby game for a while, let me give you a little tip. Babies need even MORE stuff than they did eight years ago.

Or so they say.

In order to prepare, I attended MommyCon when it came to San Francisco last year, as well as a “baby shower” hosted by The Baby Ladies when I went to BlogHer, and an anniversary brunch hosted by Avent. Am I an overachiever, or what?) I learned about the newest bottles and breast pumps and nifty play yards and breastfeeding pillows and and and…

I learned a lot. It was pretty overwhelming, to be honest, even though I’d been through it before.

And then there is a whole other learning curve once the baby actually arrives. You then learn which products your kid will and will not tolerate. For instance, even though Jack was often lulled into a sound slumber with the vibrations of his bouncer, it was not so with Desmond – Dez got completely PISSED if we turned the vibrations on while he was awake. We learned to bounce Dez to sleep and then turn the vibrations on a few seconds after his eyelids closed. Dave got particularly good at it!

Something that Jack and Dez actually have in common is sensitive skin. They are prone to getting pink and rashy and dried out if bathed too often or with the wrong kind of soap or if you rub them the wrong way. Surprisingly, Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash was terrible for Jack, but so was the more natural California Baby. We went through quite a few products looking for a good solution back in the day.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember what we liked best. And half the products we tried aren’t around anymore. And there is no guarantee that Dez would tolerate the same products anyway!

I was excited when Little Twig reached out to me and offered to send their products for us to try out. I received their Calming Lavender Baby Wash, which has lavender and chamomile, so not only does it smell great but it has relaxing properties that make it perfect for a bath before bed. The baby wash is pH-balanced for sensitive skin, and I’ve used it several times now on Dez and his skin stays perfectly baby-soft and clear. Woot!

LTBabyWashI also got a sample of the matching Calming Lavender Baby Lotion, which has the addition of lemon to it and smells absolutely heavenly! It’s a lightweight moisturizer that rubs in well and doesn’t leave the skin feeling oily. I tested it separately from the baby wash to be extra safe and Desmond’s skin was perfectly happy with it.

If you aren’t into lavender, Little Twig offers “Happy Tangerine” scent as well as an unscented, extra-mild line of baby skin care products for those that are even more sensitive than my kids. All of their products boast the following:

  • Safe for the entire family
  • Comprised of the most effective organic and botanical ingredients in a simple recipe for pure and gentle personal care
  • Completely free of phthalates, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, nuts, soy or wheat
  • pH-balanced and ideal for sensitive skin
  • Pediatrician-tested

If you want to try the Little Twig products out before investing into full size products, they offer travel size packs of their products that would be perfect! There are some adorable gift sets for the new parents in your life, too. There are babies coming every which way this year, it seems!

Does your baby have sensitive skin? Have you tried Little Twig?

Disclosure: I was provided with samples of Little Twig products in order to write this review; however, all opinions are my own. Please see my Disclosures page for more information on my sponsored content.

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