Serendipity at Mom 2.0

Last week I flew to Austin, Texas, to attend Mom 2.0. It was my first time in Austin AND the first time attending this particular conference. I was lucky enough to catch the “party plane” with a few of my fellow Bay Area creatives and it proved to be a good start to the trip.

three women smile at the camera from inside a plane
On the party plane with 3 awesome women from the SF Bay Area: Sarah, Virginia, and Lizz.

I wasn’t sure if I should go to the conference. After all, I’ve woefully neglected this site over the last couple of years. Between the birth of my second child and getting hired into a creative field, I’ve struggled to focus my energy on something that was just for me and organize my thoughts in any sort of cohesive manner. But that was also why I wanted to go: to see if I could breathe life back into to the writer part of me.

And, what do you know…even before stepping foot in Austin, I knew I had made the right decision. On the plane I sat down next to Sarah (pictured above), who just happens to be the author of a self-care book for moms. We talked the whole way to Texas! (And I ordered a copy when I got home because I always need help with self-care!)

The momentum continued from there and each day I was at Mom 2.0, I felt a sense of serendipity. I encountered amazing people wherever I went. At dinner with a friend, I randomly sat down next to an LGBTQIA activist. When I sought a bit of quiet in the Romper suite, I ended up chatting with an incredible podcaster who is an advocate for marginalized people. And at the moment when I was feeling a bit overstimulated after several days of learning and interacting with people, I was introduced to a woman who exuded calm energy. It turned out she is the parent of both a gender-diverse kid and an autistic kid!

overcast sky over the Austin skyline
Here comes the sun…(the view from my hotel room).

Over and over, things aligned. Not only did I meet people I didn’t know I needed in my life, but I was inspired by them:

  • I heard from queer parents forging their way into traditionally cis-dominated spaces by educating people and brands about inclusivity.
  • I talked to no less than four women in mid-life who are dealing with their bodies going haywire and a healthcare system that makes them feel invisible, unheard, and frustrated.
  • I learned valuable lessons from parents-turned-activists who are tirelessly working to make a tangible difference by pushing for new education standards, building community programs, and working with both lawmakers and law enforcement to enact change.
two individuals with swoopy hair smiling
My fangirl moment: meeting Iris Award winner Amber Leventry.

This is what I love about going to conferences for creatives. At every one, I’ve met amazing people (many of YOU!)! This year just felt a little extra. I needed inspiration, renewal, and connection on so many levels and those things were continually handed to me. Maybe it was a matter of being open to each experience and fully committed to taking what came at me each day, whether it meant attending a soul-feeding session (instead of a professionally enriching one) or striking up a conversation with a new person (despite my social anxiety). Maybe it was a function of age or the fact that so many others in attendance seemed to be in a similar place in life.

Whatever the reason, I am grateful. And I am already looking forward to next year (yes, I bought my ticket – have you?)!

two women posing in front of a branded backdrop
Looking fancy on the red carpet with Candy Mickels Mejia!

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  1. Yay!~
    That is so great. I’m planning to be taking a [five week?] class on Trans Health this coming Fall, and I’m super excited for it!

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