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How Cancer Ended My Career

Years of being a caregiver of a child with cancer impacted me in a variety of ways I didn’t expect. When I reflect on that time, much of it a blur, I am amazed we made it through. All in all, we had fewer losses than wins…but my career was not one of those wins.

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Helpful Books for Anxious Kids

Coming out on the other side of a life-threatening medical diagnosis and the ensuing treatment takes a lot of ingenuity and resources. We’ve run the gamete looking for ways to help Jack deal with anxiety and depression during and after his bout with cancer, including various types of therapy and a whole lot of books.

Progress in Getting a Better IEP

After many years of back-and-forth with Jack’s school, we have finally gotten an IEP that I think we are all happy with! For the first time since we started meeting with the educational team at the school back in 2013,…