woman reflecting on the view out the window

How Cancer Ended My Career

Years of being a caregiver of a child with cancer impacted me in a variety of ways I didn’t expect. When I reflect on that time, much of it a blur, I am amazed we made it through. All in all, we had fewer losses than wins…but my career was not one of those wins.

sick toddler laying on a couch

You’ve Gotta Go There to Come Back

Last week I went to the Type A conference in Alexandria, Virginia. It was my first time away from my whole family for longer than a night in over 3 years! I was so excited to get some time to myself, see friends and family (my sister lives in Maryland), and sleep in a comfy hotel bed without a toddler threatening to wake me in the wee hours of the morning. Like all things worth doing, it wasn’t easy to accomplish, though!