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How Cancer Ended My Career

Years of being a caregiver of a child with cancer impacted me in a variety of ways I didn’t expect. When I reflect on that time, much of it a blur, I am amazed we made it through. All in all, we had fewer losses than wins…but my career was not one of those wins.


Living That Normal Life

For the first time in nearly five years, Jack’s latest lab results were normal! While he finished cancer treatment over a year and a half ago, his body has taken its sweet time showing us that it could function normally.

Progress in Getting a Better IEP

After many years of back-and-forth with Jack’s school, we have finally gotten an IEP that I think we are all happy with! For the first time since we started meeting with the educational team at the school back in 2013,…

Jack Kindergarten

No Way Out But Through

When Jack was diagnosed with Leukemia three and a half years ago, I focused on the “End of Treatment.” I thought we would do what we could to get through the difficult treatment process, but that eventually we would be…

Jack Boy of the Year LLS