Why I March

Why I Marched on Oakland

On January 21st, I marched in Oakland as part of the Women’s March on Washington. I know there are some out there who don’t understand what marching accomplishes. I don’t always know the answer to that, but sometimes you feel strongly about things going on in the world and you can’t sit there anymore and do nothing. Sometimes, marching just feels right.

Walking For Wishes

One of the hardest parts about this portion of the cancer journey is the lack of attainable milestones. There are three phases to Jack’s treatment regimen, and we’re in the third and longest portion – Maintenance. While Maintenance is supposed…

Stream of (barely) Consciousness

House craziness aside (because, let’s face it, it IS crazy that we are trying to buy a house right now) I’m super behind. I came home tonight determined to do laundry…but I haven’t started yet. I DID put some things…